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Raja Ampat tourist destinations are truly amazing, it’s underwater beauty that you might never imagine before. Raja Ampat Islands has four largest islands, they are Waigeo Island, Misool Island, Salawati Island and Batantan Island. These islands will offer you with own tourist attraction. Some of these islands provide you with their own tourist attractions that make Raja Ampat islands can be used as the small paradise destination. On Waigeo Island, you are able to find small islands. Then on Batanta Island, you can visit Batanta Waterfall, while on Salawati Island, you will be served with beautiful beaches. So, what you can see on Misool Island, you can read this information below to discover your memorable journey here. If you love to dive, then you can stay in Misool Dive Resort.

Misool Island

As mentioned before that Misool Island is one of the largest clusters in Raja Ampat, located in West Papua. This island is directly bordered to the Seram Sea. So you know that Misool Island was divided into two parts, they are East Misool and West Misool. Misool Island offers you with excellent tourism objects of cultural diversity, sea, customs and beautiful land as well. Misool Island is located in the triangle coral reef which makes this island has so many coral species as well as the most marine species. This Misool Island has a very wide open sea, this is also a route for the big marine creatures such as whales and octopuses. For those who want to know what’s on this island? Then check the information below. Diving at Walep Walep is one of best diving spots for water sport, this is the best diving spot in the southern part of Raja Ampat. When you go diving, then the charm of the sea that sealed inside can be seen in more amazing sensation. Swimming along with small fish among the reef is certainly a pleasure for diving lovers.

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“Keramat” cave

Keramat Cave is a location which been used as the center of Misool Kingdom. When you entering the cave’s mouth, then you can feel the sensation flares and heartbeat just beating so fast. The room inside is dark and there are also water drops that add the feeling that thrill your heart as well. After you explore the cave, then you will arrive the end road of a cave when you can find a beautiful small like later.

The beauty of Misool Island should not be missed

For those who ever visited and seen the beauty of Misool Island told that Misool can be considered as the small paradise. The beauty of the sea and its beach will make anyone want to stay longer in this island. You will see the stretches from the east side to the west. This island is situated pretty far from the city so you are able to enjoy all of its beauty without you have to be disturbed. In addition, most of the islands surround Misool Island were mostly uninhabited as well. The beauty of Raja Ampat Misool should not miss by anyone who visits Raja Ampat. Especially for those who want to swim in the clear sea water and this is very refreshing as well. Not only the clear water, but the stretch of white sand also seems to make this place becomes stand out, thanks to its natural charm as well. The natural panorama in this remote island was surrounded by lush mangrove trees and tropical forest. You can select Misool Dive Resort that suit with your budget and ensure that you can get an access to get the best view.

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