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Have you ever heard the beauty of Misool Island in Raja Ampat? If you are a true traveler, mostly you might be already know how interesting take a vacation to Raja Ampat. Papua or formerly called as Irian Jaya is also popular with its amazing natural wealth. Misool Island is actually one of the islands in Raja Ampat. For those who love water tours such as snorkeling and diving, Misool Island can be your best choice. This is because the underwater landscape is still very natural and stand out. Misool Island is very interesting to visit because you are also able to witness the historic traces from the relics of the Misool Kingdom. Traveling to Raja Ampat in West Papua will certainly provide you with an exciting and interesting experience. Do not forget to check Misool Diving Resort.

Activities to do here

The beauty of Misool Island will make anyone fascinated and amazed. As mentioned before for those who love water sports, visiting this island is a must. Because of this island has very clear and fresh water. On this island, you are free to do snorkeling or diving. Not only that, but you are also able to see a variety of exotic marine creatures that you might be never seen before. So, you do not have to be surprised if you will meet sharks roaming freely in the sea. So it is necessary to hire a guide for snorkeling or diving. Besides you can try water sports activities, you are also able to enjoy the beauty of Misool Island from the sailing boat. If you are lucky enough, then you are able to meet marine animals while exploring this exotic island. This place has endless beauty, while you enjoy sailing then you will never miss the charming natural scenery. This is also a great place for those who love to get adventure experience.

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There are many diving spots which offer you spectacular experience for those who looking for experience in the underwater scene. Even marine park in Misool Island is already well-known by the world as well. There are some marine creatures that you will meet here, such as stingrays, whales, sharks, and so on. Therefore, whatever activities that you do on this island will certainly leave you with the deep impression of your vacation.

Jellyfish Lake

The beauty of Misool Island is not only come from the eater. You also able to take a time to visit the Jellyfish Lake on Misool Island. As the name implies, this jellyfish lake is actually inhabited by beautiful jellyfish. You do not have to worry because they are actually harmless jellyfish so that it is safe to visit this place. Even you are able to swim along with the jellyfish.

Lodging in Misool Island

It is certainly not satisfied if you visit this island without staying for a few days here. On Misool Island, there are so many homestays or hotels which been managed by the local community for visitors. If you are on a tight budget, then you do not have to worry because you are also able to get accommodation on a cheap price as well. However, if you already preparing more budget to spend off, then you are able to stay in the best resort in Misool Island. Indeed, on Misool Island, you are easy to find lodging with adequate facilities range from luxury and exclusive class. For those who plan to come to Misool Island, of course, you have to prepare your budget because there are many spots and activities that you have to try here. Misool Diving Resort can be your best destination.

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