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You might be often hear about Raja Ampat or you already familiar with Raja Ampat, its extraordinary natural beauty can capture anyone’s heart. However, for Misool, some people might not give much attention. There are four main islands in Raja Ampat, they are Misool, Waigeo, Batanta and Salawati Islands. Even, there not many people were interested to visit Misool Island, they might be more familiar with the Waigeo and Wayag Island. However, there is stunning view in Misool, especially some areas around Misool Island. You can get Misool Eco Resort Booking in advance to make your visit becomes more meaningful.

Yapap – The marine paradise in Indonesia

This is a place that you have to visit if you go to the Misool – it is Yapap. However, you have to travel by boat and the price which been offered is pretty expensive so it is less attractive but its actually very worth visit as well. Because of its clear water in Yapao, then you are able to see the fish clearly without you have to dive. However, snorkeling is also offered in Yapap, even you have to bring your own snorkeling gears. The visibility to see the corals and fish is not much deep so that the view is so clear as well.

The love pool

In addition, to enjoying Yapap in Misool, you are also able to enjoy the “Love Pool” which is a natural phenomenon where there is the heart-shaped pool. The clear pool water will make you want to swim as well. You do not only enjoy the pool but also you can climb up to the hills to get the best photography scene for your social media feeds as well.

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Jellyfish Lake in Lenmakana

You do not have to be panic because of the jellyfishes in this place do not sting you so you are able to swim and snorkeling. To get to the Lenmakana, then it takes a long time because you have to climb up the rocks and some tracks were pretty extreme as well. So, ensure that you wear safety stuff. However, you will be served with the extraordinary view of the jellyfish lake that makes you more relax and ran away from your hectic life for a while. For those who want to enjoy this lake but you cannot swim, then you are able to use a life jacket because the jellyfish are also visible from the surface of the lake.

Reach the Harfat Peak

If you want to enjoy all of the beautiful sight of Misool Island from the height, then you are able to go to the Harfat Peak. However, you have to climb up in order to reach this site, of course, you need a lot of energy. Now, the route to the Harfat Peak already had an access in the form of stairs so that you are easier to climb up. When you arrive at the top, you are able to see the stunning view in front of your eyes.

The lodging in Misool Eco Resort as if you are in the Maldives

If you are looking for the lodging that provides you with an extraordinary view, then this resort can be your best partner. In addition to exceptional service, this place also offers you great scenery as well. They provide you with the beaches that you can enjoy. In addition, there are many rooms in this resort which directly face to the open sea as if you are in the Maldives. In the night, you can immediately enjoy the beautiful scene and enjoy your best trip with Misool Eco Resort Booking.

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