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Misool island is one of the four largest islands in Raja Ampat, located in West Papua. Misool Island was directly adjacent to Seram Island. If you have a plan to visit Raja Ampat, you should not miss visiting the Misool Island destination. Besides having a unique panorama of coral rocks in the east and the beauty of white sand, this island also has a panoramic view of the enchanting mangrove forest. Seawater on this island has a unique color. The clear sea water makes you can see the wealth of the sea which been owned by Misool Island. While you are diving, you will be treated to various types of fish along with beautiful coral reefs, turtles and even sharks as well. You can check Misool Eco Resort Cost first before you book your accommodation.

Exploring the island by taking a boat

To enjoy the beauty of Misool island, then you are able to use a boat that can be rented in this place. You can enjoy the beauty of this island by driving a boat which is also a fun activity here as well. Misool Island is the hidden island which is rarely touched by many people.


If you love to ride a kayak, then you should not miss this activity when you visit Misool Island. While you are riding a kayak, you will be treated with so many sea biotas that you can see from above because the water is really clear.

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Snorkeling is an activity that you should not miss if you visit Misool Island as well. Because there are so many beautiful coral reefs here that you can enjoy while you are diving. however, if you visit Misool Island during the rainy season, then snorkeling is not your best option. Besides it pretty dangerous, the seawater becomes more turbid than usual. You are able to rent snorkeling accommodation at the resort located on Misool Island to see the natural beauty of refs and much ornamental fish from nearby.

The culture tour

Instead of the beauty of the sea and its marine life, if you visit Misool Island then you cannot miss seeing the culture in this place. Visiting some villages on Misool Island can be an impressive activity for you. You are able to see how the local activities here and you are also able to explore the traditions that still exist in these villages.

Scuba Diving

There is so much underwater life in this place – which looks like a small paradise for scuba diving. You are able to see fish and other marine animals because of its clear water. When you are diving, you can even reach up to 25 meters visibility. There are many dive spots on Misool Island, you are able to ask for recommendations form the local facilitator to enjoy this activity. It is better if you want to do this activity, then you have to check the weather first. Especially if it’s entering the rainy season or not because you cannot dive during the rainy season.

Enjoying the beach view

This beautiful island offers you with the beauty of white sand beaches and views of green mangrove forests that you have to capture them in your camera while you visiting this place. You are also able to do activities like playing water or sunbathing of the beach. Do not forget to check Misool Eco Resort Cost first if you want to get recommended accommodation on this island. There are many great things that you can try and spend your best day on this island is really worth.

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