Raja Ampat was located in West Papua is already popular among travelers from around the world. This place has extraordinary beauty, ranging from the underwater charm to karst hills as well. Even a cluster of coral reefs in the waters of Raja Ampat has 75 percent of coral species in the world. Generally, Wayah and Waigeo Islands are the main destinations among travelers. In fact, there is another main island such as Misool Island also show you with the beautiful scene as well. Even for diving fans, you are also able to get the best dive spots here including in Misool Eco Resort di Raja Ampat. So, you can consider staying in Misool Eco Resort of you want to get more for your diving experience in this place.

The natural beauty of underwater life

As we know that Raja Ampat Islands is one of the tourist destinations which been located in Papua Region. This destination had been known worldwide because its enchanting the natural beauty. One of the things that elevate Raja Ampat tourism might come from the documentary film made by Avant Premiere with the title “Edis Paradise 3”. This film tells the beauty of the underwater world in Raja Ampat. Even Raja Ampat also currently known as the Amazon Ocean World Region. This is because the location included in the world coral triangle. Even there are so many islands, only a few of them are inhabited.

Heart-shaped Bay in Karawapop

It was located in the South Misool District and this bay has beautiful heart-shaped. This beauty was hidden behind the cliffs and rocks. There are several green trees that grow in the karst rocks as well. With a great panoramic, of course, this place becomes a destination that you should visit when you stay in Raja Ampat. You will be served with the heart-blue water scenery from the above.

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Crystal water in Yapap

If Thailand has Phi-Phi Island which been decorated with the karst stones in its waters, then Misool also has one as well. This place is known as the Yapap and offers you with the crystal-clear shallow waters with the karst cliffs which towered beside them and make this place also worth-visit as well. The sea floor can be seen so clearly without making you get wet inside the water.

Swim along with Jellyfish in Lenkamana

In East Kalimantan has Derawan Island that allows you to swim along with hundreds of jellyfish, then Raja Ampat also has one similar place as well. This spot is located in Lake Lenkamana, Misool Island. They are stingless jellyfish, so you do not have to worry when swimming along with them. Even though you also need much effort, then you can get a beautiful view in this place thanks to your effort to reach this area.

Enjoy Raja Ampat in the peak of Harfat

Enjoying the beauty of Raja Ampat is not always come from the lowlands. In Harfat Peak, you can the superior beauty of tourism in the West Papua which also can be enjoyed by anyone who visits it. There are groups of karst islands which can be enjoyed in the Harfat Peak along with its clear water. To reach this place, then you will hike through the hills and many stairs as well. You should know that the beauty in the eastern part of Indonesia always give you with extraordinary charm/ no wonder that there are many visitors decide to stay and open a dive center in this location. You can find Misool Eco Resort di Raja Ampat based on your need.

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