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The underwater beauty of Raja Ampat Papua is not something new. Not only gain popularity among locals, even there are so many travelers from around the world often wondering about how exotic this group of islands in eastern Indonesia. With a large selection of beautiful islands, Raja Ampat was included in must-visit destination and become a small paradise for travelers as well. Raja Ampat has 610 islands, therefore you can explore so many diving spots here. Along with the unique marine biota that accompanies your diving. Shortly, it would be definitely a great experience for you. If you have a plan to dive in the depth of sea in Raja Ampat, then there are so many diving spots that you cannot miss. Some of them located in Misool Island as one of the largest main islands in Raja Ampat. Misool Island also offers you with great and unique experience with its own charm. Misool Eco Resort Dive Sites will make your diving experience more complete in this area.

Dampier Strait

The Dampier Strait is one of the largest areas consisting of so many unique diving spots. One of the best diving spots here is Mike’s Point. It was located in the Dampier Strait which is also well-known among international divers. This area has distinctiveness which set apart from other regions related to the terms of history. The beauty of its place was caused by US errors during Air Force in World War II. The warship thought that this area was a Japanese Army Ship and then dropped the bombs there. The explosion became the groove in the walls and caves become a great spot for diving, however, you have to be careful as well. Because of strong currents might pull you up to 30 meters away. Marine biota will accompany your diving experience here, including of sweetlips and so many big fish here. In other parts, there are also beautiful coral reef parks, where you can see the small fish and shark carpets live in this site.

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The Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain also was known as Shadow Reef often occupied the position as the first number for a diving spot in Raja Ampat. It was located in Misool district and Magic Mountain is an offshore peak that offers you endless beauty. When the current is entering, then the school of fish will appear like a colorful festival. You cannot miss the legendary of manta rays which also inhabit this area and become a guest star in your diving activity. You can explore the beauty of the sea in Raja Ampat is so tempting. However, locations that you have passed is difficult, so you have to get prepared first.

The Cross Wreck

It was located in 300 km east Sorong or takes around 15 hours. Cross Wreck is the must-visit destination if you want to dive in Raja Ampat. It was called as “Cross Wreck” because there is a reason behind it. The word “cross” refers to the “route”  because this place is close to the missionaries landing on the island which you can see the typical birds of paradise. Meanwhile, the word “wreck” was aimed at the accident which caused the Japanese Navy Boat drawn during World War II. The wreck of this incident becomes the dive spot that you cannot miss. In the depth of 18 meters, then you will the historical site referred to the “Japanese Wreck”. Of course, this ship is not the only ship that you meet in this place. However, this is one of the wrecked ships which easier to access. Go with Misool Eco Resort Dive Sites to complete you diving destinations.

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