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Irian Jaya is already well-known for its beautiful natural wealth. Not only for Raja Ampat in West Papua, but Misool Island is also very famous for its natural beauty as well. This place is located in Raja Ampat Islands and Misool offers you with its own charm. Especially for those who enjoy water sports such as snorkeling or diving. On Misool Island you will be treated with the beautiful scenery. The underwater scenery is also worth-visit because it’s still pristine. At Misool Island, you are also able to see beautiful Misool Kingdom Trail and other tours as well. Raja Ampat Tourism in West Papua will provide you with different exciting experience.

Getting there

The easiest way to get to Misool Island is by plane to Sorong. From Sorong, you have to cross by taking a boat. The boat is available every day. If you want to get there soon, then you are able to choose an express boat with slightly expensive rate and takes around 4 to 5 hours. If you want to feel the local life here, then you can choose KM. If you go with KM transportation, then the rate is much cheaper as well.


At Misool Island, there are so many homestays and resorts that give you the best scenery as well. There are many homestays here which been managed by residents in Harapan Jaya Village, you are able to find lodging or resorts in your budget. However, if you have an excessive budget, then you are able to stay in Misool Eco Resort that also offers you with complete facilities. Even Misool Eco Resort Indonesia had been on the list of CNN’s world’s best resort. To stay here, then you have to spend more.

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Local Foods

“Papeda” or known as the sago congee is the yellow soup and grilled fish with “Dabu-dabu” and “Rica” sambal. If you are already in Papua, then you should not forget to taste the signature of the dish here – it is sago. Sigo is the staple food to substitute the rice. Besides that, you are also able to taste the variety of food – most of them enjoy the seafood dish.

Beautiful photo spots

When you come to Raja Ampat will never be complete if you do not visit Harfat Peak. The Harfat Peak which is located near Misool is one of the beautiful destinations that you have to visit. In this place, you will be satisfied by taking a lot of pictures of the beautiful scenery of Raja Ampat. The turquoise water and blue sky will make you want to stay longer in this place. Therefore, you do not have to forget to take photos of its beauty.

Must-tried activities

For those who enjoy watersports, visiting this place can be their best choice. You are able to try diving and snorkeling in Misool Island. In this place, you will see so many sea creatures that you might have previously seen on magazine or television. You do not have to be surprised, in this place you are also able to see sharks that swim freely in the sear. Besides you can try diving and snorkeling, then you are also able to enjoy the beauty of Misool Island by sailing using a boat. The endless beauty of Misool Island will make your day complete and you are also able to stop in several snorkeling spots. You are also able to visit the jellyfish lake in Misool, This lake is full of harmless jellyfish, so you only have to relax as well. You are able to get the best experience of swimming or snorkeling in this place. Complete your visit to Misool Eco Resort Indonesia.

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