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There are many factors that you have to consider when choosing the best accommodation, lodging or homestay while you want to stay Raja Ampat. Of course, there are many variations of lodging that can be your best choice when you travel to the Raja Ampat. Starting from the luxury hotels or resorts or you just want to consider ordinary guest house here. There are many hotels with the dormitory types for homestays which been managed directly by the owner with the design as you are living in traditional Papuan House. You can choose anything that you want and ensure that you can enjoy your visit to Raja Ampat.

Luxury hotels or resorts

This is pretty clear that you will get a satisfying service. You are able to book online for luxury hotels or resorts and the price is definitely pretty expensive based on facilities and services that you will get. There are many luxury hotels or resorts that you can find around the Waigeo island and Waisai Island. Some of them also located in remote areas. Usually. The location was placed in some of the beaches along with the design rooms were occupied above the sea or shores of the beach. Usually, they provide you with a private beach and various water sports facilities which been directly managed by the hotel as well. If the location can be accessed through the land, then they usually pick their guest by taking a car. However, if the location cannot be reached by land, then you will be provided by private boat or speedboat to pick you up, so it is best to ask the hotel directly before you arrive.

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Ordinary hotels or lodging

Ordinary hotels or lodgings were usually formed as a guest house and most of them were places in Waisai Island. Around the WTC beach, there are also many lodgings with the affordable price. Some of them can be booked online, although there are so many small inns which might be pretty hard to book because they are not available online, so you might get help from the travel agent as well. The location of hotels or inns mostly located in the center of Waisai which is pretty far from the Ferry Arrival Pier from Soring, so you have to consider to get transportation from the Ship Dock to the Waisai City Center.

Hostel or dormitory

You do not expect that there are hostels or dormitories in Raja Ampat, especially in  Waisai city. There are many types of hostel accommodations or backpacker style dormitory. One of them is Hostel Cockatoo with the capacity up to 4 peoples in a room. The price is so affordable and already included breakfast. For those who are familiar with the sharing room type, you are also to consider it here.


This is popular accommodation among travelers because the contours of Raja Ampat region that also cause the lodging on these islands were mostly homestay. So they look like small houses and there is one room each house consist of several rooms and each room usually has a capacity for two peoples. The homestay was managed directly by Indigenous Papuans scattered in these islands, therefore the owners are usually native Papuan. Even they also live in the homestay area and served you nicely during your visit here. Usually, the homestays were made from wood and feel like more exotic feeling. Booked your Misool Eco Resort Papua Indonesia first before your visit. Spend your best days in Raja Ampat and Misool along with great experience that you can get in this place. Exploring exotic destinations and discover unique things here.

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