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Based to the local mythology from Papua – there is a woman who found seven eggs, four of them were exploded to create the four main islands of Raja Ampat means as the “Four Kings” in Indonesian. The second is Misool Island was located on the west side of Papua along with the impressive underwater view. Misool Island is the house for vast marine biodiversity along with the coral reefs – which is a great spot for snorkeling and diving as well. It was surrounded by formations of limestone rock, however, because of its sculpted geography, then it does not have many beaches as other islands in Raja Ampat. You can look for Misool Eco Resort Price that suits your budget as well because you will find many recommendations for it. The scenery of Misool Island is slightly different than you might be expected from the island in the Pacific. However, this is worth-visit to fill up your memorable holiday as well.

Unique culture and history in Misool Island

The Raja Ampat archipelago – Misool Island is one of the largest islands that you can find here and include as the part of the Sultanate of Tidore back to the ancient times. Then it had colonized by the Dutch, although it still keeps the essence of its indigenous in their traditions and life as well. In the hidden caves among some of the forests in the Misool Island, you are able to find the engraved designs and figures over than 5000 years ago. Although it was the second island in Raja Ampat, Misool is rarely populated because this place was remote and the access is too complicated as well. In spite of the distance that separates them, the culture of Misool is pretty similar with the rest of other islands in Raja Ampat. The initial constructions, a very deep respect, and millenary folk dances along with their great love for nature become the main characteristics in this archipelago. Related to the cuisine, it is pretty hard to find out the western cuisines in Misool Island. In this area, the locals will plant and prepare their foods from rice, pork, and chicken, since there are only a few import stuffs from the outside area.

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Raja Ampat and Misool Island offers you with Unique Environment

Raja Ampat was included as the part which called as the Coral Triangle and it also has their own National Marine Park which is including of the Misool Island. This conserved area is a house for unique species such as corals and dugong in this pristine water, this is very ideal of calm diving to watch and take a picture countless species making up its diverse marine ecosystem. In this place also has so many incredible diving sites, including of Jamur, Fiabecet, and Kaleidoscope. In those areas, you are able to observe so many incredible species such as manta rays, whitetip sharks, clown fish, corals and so on.

What you can see and do on Misool Island?

Misool Island as the part of National Marine Park shows you with the massive marine biodiversity in this planet. Because this situation as well as the warmth of the water, then this place is a very ideal destination for diving who want to look for new discoveries and adventures as well. Other islands, such as Batanta was also known as the migration route of many birds and it can be a great spot for the bird watching as well. In Misool, to some extent, then you are also able to see different species of birds in their cone in different weathers as well. You can get more references for Misool Eco Resort Price as well.

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