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Raja Ampat Papua tourist destinations seem never stop to make people amazed with its natural and beautiful scenery as well as maritime tourism which are so beautiful and amazing, so this place is suited for anyone who looking for the natural beauty destination. No surprise that there are so many people already visited this place and all of them said that Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful hidden paradises on this planet. In Raja Ampat, there are many spots and tourist attractions in the form of the island groups which most of them were still natural and beautiful. Even there are some islands were still inhabited as well. One of the most popular islands in Raja Ampat is Misool Island which is one of the four largest islands in Raja Ampat. Misool Island is directly bordered with the water of the high sea and Seram sea so that you will be served with so many marine creatures here, such as whales which crossing the routes around the island. You can find the Misool Eco Resort Rates from many sources.

The beauty of the underwater scene in Misool

The underwater beauty of Misool Island is already visible when you see the clear turquoise sea water in this place. This island is so beautiful and unspoiled by the hands of ignorant humans which been surrounded by white sand along the coast and various tropical trees and mangroves. This scenery can capture anyone’s heart.

A diversity of marine life

You do not have to doubt the great scenery here. This island was included as the world coral triangle area offers you with 75 percent of ornamental fish and there are so many types of coral reefs that invites tourists to taste the underwater beauty on this island witnessing there are so many beautiful species, coral reefs and underwater paradise by snorkeling, diving or swimming.

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Beautiful lodging

For lodging on Misool Island, there is a resort which is known as Misool Eco Resort that manages tourism business management in Raja Ampat. They also run the conservation programs in order to support ecotourism to preserve the natural beauty of Misool Island and limit its guest for maximum 32 people. For those who do not get a place in this resort, then you are also able to stay in so many resorts and homestays here.

Meet with an endemic creature

Misool as the beautiful island of Raja Ampat that has so many things for travelers. Like other islands in Raja Ampat, Misool is so beautiful and you can do many things here. Besides, the super beautiful scenery and underwater sight, this island also offers you with so many attractions. Under the Misool water, you are not only with the beautiful reefs and fish, however, you are also able to see the walking sharks or known as Kalabia. Kalabia is the endemic creature of Raja Ampat that you cannot find in other places as well. There are also stinging sharks as you might see on Kakaban Island, East Kalimantan. There are 3 of 40 islands were home for the stingless jellyfish. You are also able to see the karst rocks and mysterious ancient paintings in Misool. You can see the first paints of hand, fish, boats and other unique things in Atsa Sunmalele Island. So there are many things that you can and do in this place, even there are many lodgings and easy accommodations in this place. Raja Ampat can be your best destination for couples, family or along with your friends who want to enjoy their best time here. Look for Misool Eco Resort Rates before you go.

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