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The beauty of Raja Ampat is not only a karst island in Wayag. In the southern part of Raja Ampat, there is the Misool Island which is so charming and offers you with an unforgettable experience. Raja Ampat consists of four main islands they are Waigeo, Salawati, Misool, and Batanta. From the best area then first popular destination is Wayag that can be accessed from Waigeo Island. Besides of Wayag, there is also Misool which is also so beautiful and calmer atmosphere because this place was not crowded by many tourists. Once you come to Misool Island, then there are many interesting places can be explored.

Beautiful view in Misool Island

Misool Island presents you with the spectacular panorama that makes your eyes cannot believe it. The karts islands in Misool are as beautiful as Wayag or even more. Even this place can be said to be closer than Sorong. If you want to enjoy the view of Misool Karst Island from the height, there are three hills that you can reach, there are Harfat, Dafalen, and Motnikalet. The easiest access can come from Dafalen along with a height of around 60 meters.

So many diving and snorkeling spots

Misool is a home for various types of fish and more than 387 types of coral reefs here. Therefore, the beauty of Misool underwater is certainly ready to spoil your eyes who looking for beautiful snorkeling or diving spots here. There are many snorkeling spots scattered in many areas in Misool. Many places can be reached by taking a boat, however, some of them also can be reached by walking from the coastal village. For diving spots, there are many places that you can choose. But there are three locations which can be considered as the most stable places for diving, such as Misool Eco Resort, Jaam Island and Kaleidoscope. If you want to try diving spots with sharks, then you are able to visit Jaam Island. This island has not been visited by so many tourists because it is the location of patrol posts of Raja Ampat Regional Marine Conservation Area. However, travelers are able to dive as long as has permission first.

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You can meet with walking sharks

The walking sharks or known as kalabia are endemic animals in Raja Ampat. If you are wondering to see the Kalabia, then you can visit Harapan Jaya Village. You do not have to dive to its site, you are able to bring a flashlight at the night and travelers usually see the Kalabia close to the village dock.

There are more than one stingless jellyfish lake

At  Misool Island, there are more than 40 saltwater lakes. Three of them were known as a house for stingless jellyfish. Visitors who come to Misool Island can swim along with the jellyfish on the three lakes.

Unique karst stones

There are so many giant karst stones with unique shapes that you can find at Misool. For example, “Batu Stone” in Dafalen, located in the south side of Misool Island. The stone is so large and has a unique “heart-shaped” hole in the middle which is formed naturally.

There are mysterious ancient paintings

Set apart from the beautiful view, Misool also offers you with mysteries behind it, in one of the cliff niches, there is palm painting which is believed to be made by ancient humans. It located on Atsa Sunmalele Island. The cliff niche is commonly referred to “Telapak Tangan Cave” by locals. Paintings can be seen on the banks of the karst cliff from the ship. You do not have to go down because the bottom is which been flooded by sea water. Complete your trip with Misool Eco Resort Snorkeling.

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