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Misool is like a small paradise with a beautiful beach and the amazing marine park. Extended the series of coral islands in the west and east, Misool is one of the four largest islands in Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua Province. Misool is directly adjacent to the Seram Sea and the waters of the high seas which are the major routes of exotic creatures here, such as the whales. You are able to enjoy all of the beauty in Misool Island without you have to share it with many people. Even there are so many uninhabited islands. The existence of an underwater paradise in Misool can be identified before you are able to plunge into the clear sea water. The charming scene in the remote area which is almost untouched island includes a vast and very clear expanse of the high seas, white sand along with the coast – all of this beautiful scene surrounded by tropical green and mangrove trees as well.  Make your visit more memorable by staying in Misool Eco Resort Water Cottage.

Refreshing view

This is a very refreshing scene will captivate anyone who sees it especially which been hidden under the sea. It is also well known that Raja Ampat islands include in the world’s coral triangle area where you can so many exotic marine creatures in this place. There are some of the dive spots in this area that offer you with spectacular experience exploring the richest underwater paradise in the world, Various types of coral reefs, fish, sharks, rays, turtles and other marine creatures in the underwater paradise of Misool Island. Therefore, snorkeling, swimming, diving, sunbathing or just relaxing on the edge of the quiet beach will give you with exclusive impression and become a holiday experience with a full impression. Not only the wealth and beauty of nature, but Misool Island also has a diversity of cultures and customs from the local community. Historical heritage in the form of paintings in the cave walls also can be found in this region as well.

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In Misool Island, there are so many marine tourism activities that you can do. Snorkeling and diving are certainly the main and should not be missed when you enter into this international destination as well as show you with the rare natural phenomenon. The clear sea water allows you to see the view of underwater beauty even from the boat. There are many diving spots that show you with so many charm and beauty as well. It will take a lot of time to try out many diving spots here, so you will be busy exploring the pristine and clear water. The best diving season in Misool Island is all year around. However, keep in mind that during the rainy season, you might not get the best view. You are able to visit this place in many times that allow you to get more experience while you are diving in the Misool Island. Trip boats are another fun thing that will invite you to witness the exoticism of the islands which been barely touched by pollution or other damages. Kayaking and Scuba Diving are exciting activities on this island. Accommodation to support this activity can be found and rented in resorts around Misool Island. There are several villages around Misool Island which are also interesting to visit. Visiting small villages around Misool Island also interesting to give you more information about local culture, customs and so on. Misool Eco Resort Water Cottage can be your best option to spend your best visit with your beloved one.

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