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Talking about West Papua Province, the first thing that comes to your mind is Raja Ampat. This archipelago presents you with marvelous charm. One of them is Misool Island – included as one of the four largest islands in Raja Ampat Islands. The natural charm, especially the underwater scenery is truly stunning. No surprise that Misool can be said as the one of the world’s best diving spots. Besides that, you are able to get other experiences from the land as well. For your best experience to stay in Misool, then do not forget to check Misool Eco Resort Website first to know more information about it.

Underwater paradise

Misool island which is directly adjacent to the Seram Sea and the waters of the high sea become the large cross-animal route including whales. There are also 775 types of ornamental fish, turtles, rays and another marine biota along with diverse corals. Underwater ecosystems which are still complete will spoil every eye for those who are diving into the beauty of Misool Island. In addition, tourists do not have to worry about their privacy, because some of the islands here still inhabited so it will like your private beach.

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Get into boat trips, diving until you see ancient relics

A variety of the best dive spots can be enjoyed in all of the underwater realms in Misool Island. Visitors can dive into a variety of diving spots here because each of them offers you with a different charm. If you want to get the best experience or moment, then you are able to visit Misool in November because the depth of the sea is very clear up to 25 meters. Besides diving, other tourist attractions that can be enjoyed while in Misool are boat trips. Tourists will be invited into the tour while watching the Raja Ampat rock and coral rocks which still natural. In some spots, the boat usually stops and invite tourists to enjoy the beauty of Misool, such as swimming, kayaking, sunbathing or just lay back on the sand. In Misool island, tourist can explore the mangrove forest along with the residents inside, such as beautiful birds and other animals which are still sustainable. Behind the towering karst rocks, visitors are also able to see the traces of ancient human history, such paintings in the form of human hands, fish and other which referred as the petroglyphs. It is estimated that ancient paintings around 5000 years ago.

Accommodations in Misool Island

Lodging facilities in Misool Island were complete, range from homestays to super luxurious and exclusive resorts. One of the most famous resort is Misool Eco Resort. The best thing in this resort is not only running the ecotourism but also running a conservation program which is highly committed to its sustainability. The visit was limited up to 32 people in order to maintain or preserve the beauty of Misool Island. In every mid-June and September, Misool Eco Resort was closed from tourists activities because of the windy weather conditions. Misool Island can be reached from Domne Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong. In addition, Misool can be reached by using the pinisi boat, which is none other than the main transportation in this place. You are also able to join with the travel agent that provides you with travel or vacation package to Musool. Despite its amazing natural beauty, the cost that you have to spend should be considered as well. Therefore, if you want to make savings, you can join in groups or a travel agent. Do not forget to check Misool Eco Resort Website first before you book.

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