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Misool Island is also one of the 4 largest islands in Raja Ampat. The waters in Misool Island are directly adjacent to the waters of the Sea and Seram Sea as well. It is also a migration route, therefore, there are many types of marine creatures such as whales and sharks. Misool Island is very cool place along with turquoise water that gives you with the peace impression anytime you see it. You can stay in Misool Resort Indonesia. The island which is also still rarely visited by tourists make this place still natural. Raja Ampat archipelago also included in the world coral triangle area with 75 percent of rare fish and coral species as well. Marine biota that lives in this water will make you feel amazed. Do not forget to capture your moment and create your best experience here. Even in this Misool area also still has a strong culture and customs from the locals.

Exploring the island by riding a boat

Enjoying the beauty of Misool Island is not enough when you just play around on the beach. However, you are able to rent a bot on this island. So, you can enjoy the exotic scenery and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Misool Island which has not been touched by many people. This is the best place if you want to get a more quiet atmosphere.


Well, you are also able to do exciting activity in Misool Island. While playing kayak, you are able to enjoy the natural underwater scene from clean seawater.


If you want to enjoy coral reefs more closely, then you can try snorkeling. However, snorkeling is not recommended during the rainy season because the water becomes more muddy than usual.

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Diving to deeper water

On Misool Island, there are so many marine tourism activities that you can try. Snorkeling and diving are certainly the main activity that you have to try here. You should not miss these activities when you visit in the area which is internationally known as the best underwater paradise as well as a rare natural phenomenon. The clear seawater will allow you to see the view of underwater beauty even when you are still in the boat. The visibility reaches 25 meters and this makes you can get more beautiful scenes underwater. There are many diving spots along with the unbeatable scenes in this place. It might take a lot of time to try all of the diving spots in this area, therefore, you might feel so busy by exploring this pristine water. Keep in mind that the best diving season on Misool Island is almost throughout the year. However, keep in mind, during the rainy season, your visibility might be decreased. You can visit these areas at different times that allow you to get more experience while diving into the Misool Island.

The culture tour

You are also able to visit some villages in Misool Island can be your exciting activity. You are able to see how the locals live in this place and how they maintain their tradition. Visiting the small villages with the small population will certainly provide you with a unique experience and knowledge about the local culture, and other things. Exploring the mangrove forest and watching other birds can be your alternative to fill up your holiday here. To reach to the Misool Island, you are able to arrange your flights to Domne Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong. After that, you are able to explore Misool Island by joining a pinising boat tour. Shortly there are many things that you can do here and you can stay in Misool Resort Indonesia.

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