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Raja Ampat Regency is one of the districts located in West Papua Province, This area at least has 610 islands and only 35 islands are inhabited. The rest is only an island which sometimes used to take photos by some visitors who ever visited that island. Even some islands do not have any name at all. So, if asked which are the special tourist attractions in Raja Ampat, then you will find there are so many attractions here. Even there are so many great places in Raja Ampat Regency, there are some places which been considered as the most special one. This place also one of the dream destinations that should not be missed.

Wayag Island

This is one of most beautiful islands belonged to Raja Ampat Regency which is also considered as the hidden paradise in this planet. In this planet, you are able to see the cluster of islands in green shade with the blue sea. It is really beautiful. Because of its beauty, Wayag Island is the tourist icon in Raja Ampat. Besides, it has extraordinary natural beauty, Wayag Island also has a beautiful underwater view. Even this place also considered as one of the top 10 best dive spots in Indonesia. In this place, you are able to see the coral clusters and so many types of marine fish. The beauty cannot be described in words. For tourists who want to stay here, you do not have to worry because there are some resorts and places to stay here.

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Pianemo Islands

Many people say that Pianemo Islands are miniatures of Wayag Island. This is because the scenery on this island is pretty similar to Wayag Island. However, the difference is the route that brings visitors here, means that you have to fight up to the small islands in order to see the beauty of the islands, It located in the West Waigeo District which can be accessed at the morning when there are many speedboats can be found in Waisai. It does not take too long and you are able to enjoy the great view here.

Misool Island

Misool Island is one of the four major islands in Raja Ampat. Misool is divided into four parts, they are South Misool, East Misool, North Misool, and West Misool. This spot also includes in the world’s coral triangle area. So, you do not have to be surprised if you will meet with many fish here and most of them are just beautiful. Moreover, southern Misool has high seas that also offer you large marine fauna such as dolphins, manta rays, and whales. When you visit Misool Island, do not forget to visit some of the popular places here such as Harfat Peak, there is also a beautiful place known as “Puncak Love” or “Love Peak”, in this place, you are able to see the lagoon from the top. Besides, you enjoy natural tourism, then you are also able to get a historical tour in order to see the coral wall which has the stand stamp back to 50 thousand years old. You are also able to look for Misool Resort Raja Ampat to complete your best days here.

Salawati Island

Salawati Island is the largest island in Raja Ampat Regency. Along with the white sand, this island is in great demands by tourists. Especially, this is a place where you can meet with the rainbow fish which is rare and add more great things in this place. In addition, the community also still has strong customs. The Word dance is one of the dances which used as the welcoming dance for tourists who come in this place.

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